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Headhunting is the process of finding a prospective employee, who is working elsewhere and who has a relevant work experience for a particular job profile. Headhunting is one of the most effective methods for sourcing and getting candidates for top positions, who might not necessarily look for a job change.
The features of Headhunting are

✅ Activity Headhunters search for the best-targeted person to fill the position. They may seek referrals from other high-level employees in the company or find candidates through their extensive network.
✅ Position In most cases, businesses use a headhunting strategy to fill C-suite or equivalent positions. A company would rarely use headhunting to fill lower-level roles in their organization since it usually takes more time and effort.
✅ Methodology Headhunters use a “proactive” method since they are the ones approaching a non-job seeker. They use a variety of resources and methods to find suitable candidates, including professional connections and close studies of competitor’s employee rosters to identify leads.
✅ Cost Headhunting is usually more costly than recruiting since headhunters have to take additional measures to identify passive candidates that recruiters do not.

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